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Eventing risk management statistics

Leading up to the 2020 FEI General Assembly we can already take part of some of the eventing related discussions coming up.

The Eventing Risk Management team reports the number of competitions is consistently growing with an increase of 10.8 % together with an increase of starters of 2.8 % over the last 5 years (2015-2019).

The total amount of falls currently seem to be quite stable. However, on all levels of competition, the non-categorised athletes incurred the highest number of falls.

It is concluded this could be due to a lack of training and/or adequate cross country education. The provisional 2020 data (end July) shows a total fall rate of 3.67 % (128 falls for 3690 starters).

Tightening up the qualifications for the next level of competition for uncategorised, D and C riders is also one of the rule changes on the table. for the General Assembly.

Proposals that didn’t make it.

Ahead of the assembly there are also some new proposals that didn’t make the cut.

One of these proposals covers the topic of implementing a new level of competition plus children’s (12-14 years of age) classes as in jumping and dressage. It is somewhat unclear if this suggestion came from the equestrian federation of the Netherlands or Ireland.

The Czech federation wish to open up a discussion for a U25 category. Both the above age categories may be on the rules revision earliest for 2022-23.

Formula One, speedway, cycling etc all allow competitors to show their sponsors.

Last but not least one suggestion of letting go of the logo restrictions for cross country day has been handed in. This suggestion came in too late for this year’s but will be looked into for an eventual future rule change.

Follow the assembly online!

The FEI General Assembly is a platform for discussions and voting on the major decisions of the FEI and the governance of the sport. It is held in a different location every year. This year the assembly takes place on the 23d of November (12:00 – 16:30 CET) and you can follow it via >> this link

The assembly governs the overall direction, development and management of the FEI’s disciplines worldwide. Elections are held at the General Assembly and decisions are taken, by vote, on changes to FEI Statutes, long-term strategies, FEI budgets and important equestrian matters.

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