Resultaten Langenhagen, Duitsland 11 t/m 13 september 2020

CCI2*-S 94 starters 78,72% completions

1. Louise Romeike SWE Feline 26,6
25. Tom Goeman BEL Accro 36,4
32. Sanne de Jong NED Jarelly MBF 38,6
not placed >>
42. Sanne de Jong NED Jersey MBF 47,5
58. Audrey Gilson BEL Caramia 33 60,8
67. Annemiek Wieken NED Don Vino 75,7
eliminated >>
EL XC Manon Minner BEL Shanroe Peeters

CCI3*-S 68 starters 85.29% completions

1. Sophie Leube GER Sweetwaters Ziethen TSF 22,3
not placed >>
35. Tom Goeman BEL Sibo de Quiesce 43,5
47. Maxime Lambrecht BEL Mister Big ter Bunder 59,6
53. Manon Minner BEL Cool Dancer 74,9
eliminated >>
RT XC Nele Revyn BEL Nelson van Desta
EL XC Maxime Lambrecht BEL Felix Roses

CCI3*-S 55 starters 78,18% completions

1. Sonja Buck GER Carla Bruni R 29,9
not placed >>

eliminated >>
WDbXC Audresy Gilson BEL Irish Secret

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